flaps up: 28" long x 35" wide x 22" high

flaps down: 47 " long x 35" wide x 13" high

Weight: 123 lbs.

Max Speed: 2 ft/s

Control System Details


Software control of a servo positioned next to 2 limit switches is used to change the brake/coast setting of the drive system speed controllers. This helps to reduce the back-driven movement while balancing on the bridge (brake), and allow smoother handling while maneuvering on the rest of the field (coast).

IR Encoder Ring:

Composed of 2 rings, one diffuses light and the other reflects light. It is mounted on the inside of one wheel and provides a transition between light and dark, for every " the robot has moved.

Auto Balancing Software:

  1. Once on bridge, select side of robot facing bridge (thumb wheel on joystick) then select auto balance mode (button on top of joystick).
  2. The s/w turns on the E-brake, turns off the compressor and drives the robot straight up the bridge, at a slow speed.
  3. When the gyro detects a rate change greater than a specific threshold, the s/w reverses the drive direction.
  4. Collectively, the IR sensor and encoder ring are used to measure how far back the robot has traveled and the s/w stops the robot at a predetermined distance.


Balancing Goals - Auto Balancing Software: The auto balancing s/w allows for quicker and more consistent balancing, with 1 or 2 goals. Once attached to goal(s) on level ground in front of bridge, a balanced condition is achieved in less than:

15 sec. 65% of the time
45 sec. 95% of the time


Attach & release 1 or 2 goals and Move 1 or 2 goals across bridge.


Attach & release stretcher. Push or pull stretcher on level ground. Push stretcher plus 130 lbs. over bridge.


Change direction of bridge tilt by driving over 4x6 and returning over bridge.


Cross the field with or without the bridge (20 sec.).

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