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Low Rider !!

Brief Run down of Competition


The day of competition began with a great opening ceremony, followed by an intensive day of qualifying matches. Several times in our first matches our alliance set the high score, and our robot saw us through the day with no mechanical or electrical failures. We were especially happy when the judges would play our theme song during our matches. By the end of the first day we were ranked 22 out of 51. Also during the first award ceremonies we won the prestigious Leadership in Controls award for our auto-balancing software.


The second day of competition saw some very stiff and competitive matches. In our last two matches Low Rider made an amazing comeback, and ended the seeding matches ranked 8th. We were paired with the number four seed the Aztechs team 157. For our alliance partners we picked, Chaos 131, Chief Delphi 47, and Aces High 176. The other alliance went first and set a score of 392 points for us to beat. During our first try there was an electrical failure on the field and we didn't beat the mark. On our second match there was a valiant effort but still we came up short. Team 151 thanks our alliance partners for a valiant effort, and looks forward to seeing them all at Nationals.

Team 151's Highlights