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What is FIRST?

FIRST is a robotics competition that involves all 50 states, along with some teams from other countries. In the beginning of January you are given a task that the robot must perform. Then working with you corporate sponsor, you design, and build a fully functional robot to perform the task. You learn about and participate in all the aspects of the robot's production such as, Machining, Prototyping, Building, Wiring, Controlling, and many others. You have a time limit of 6 weeks to build the robot, then at the end of the six weeks you compete at the National Competition in Florida against robots from all over the country.

Our team is based in Nashua NH. Nashua High school pairs with BAE Systems (previously Lockheed Martin Sanders) for sponsorship. 2002 will be our 10th year as a team. We receive a lot of support from the community and we can't wait for kickoff next Year. Visit our award page to find out what awards we have won over the years.

For more information visit Nashua High Schools Web page
Also Visit the Offical BAE Systems Web page to learn more about our sponser.

Cartoon is Copyrighted by Greg Howard